Mailbox Forwarding – Not a Great Idea

emailenvelopeEmail is like electricity. It is everywhere. People use it without thinking much about it. Exactly how it works is a bit of a mystery to most folks.

Many – probably most – people have several email addresses, some personal and some business. Add to this the explosion of devices that can “do” email (phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops etc.) and you understand why someone may want the simplicity of one “master address” to which they forward all their email mailboxes so that they only have to look in one “place” to get it all. This “master address” might be a free account like gmail, hotmail or yahoo!. Continue reading

Get Some Cash

The HTN Earn a Smile Referral Program pays you cash. Refer someone to HTN Hosting. Receive a payment. Let us know who you referred (email with their details and yours) and 60 days after they sign up for an HTN hosting service you will receive a payment equal to the first month’s price of that service. Continue reading

How much hosting downtime is unavoidable?

TransmissionSoftware and hardware upgrades are a fact of computing life.  Hardware failures happen. It is a question of when, not if, even with the most robust machines and best infrastructure. But …What if planned downtime – aka the planned maintenance window – for software or hardware maintenance and upgrades were a thing of the past? What if a hardware failure – either on a shared infrastructure or a dedicated machine – no longer meant disruption, downtime and waiting for file restoration for the sites on that machine? Continue reading

Earn A Smile

Earn Some Cash

The HTN Earn a Smile Program lets you do both yourself and a friend a favor. Refer that friend to HTN for hosting. You will receive a credit on your hosting account equal to the amount of the first month’s price of the plan they sign up for. They get great reliable HTN hosting and you get some cash in your pocket.

Send us an email telling us who you are referring and who you are so we can apply your credit to your hosting plan. We will apply that referral credit to your hosting plan 60 days after your friend signs up for HTN hosting.

Chrome App for HTN Professional Email

New Convenience

HTN has created a free Chrome app for HTN Professional Email. It htnproemailis available in the Google Chrome Web Store. Search for professional email. You will see the HTN Professional Email app listed and available for download.
If you use a Chromebook, when you download the app an icon on your screen will launch HTN Professional Email with simply a touch.
If you don’t use a Chromebook but you use the Chrome browser, you still may be interested. Once you download the HTN Professional Email app, you can use the app icon to launch your HTN Professional Email or you can use the app to create a link/shortcut on your desktop that, when clicked, will automatically open your HTN Professional Email in your web browser. What could be easier? It’s even quicker than a bookmark.

Consider the Cost

Convenience at a Cost

SpyVery cool things are possible with tools that let different applications and programs share information and communicate directly with each other. These cool things make it more convenient for us humans. We avoid having to log into more than one system. We benefit from results “greater” than what either system could give us on its own. Yet there is a darker side to this convenience.

A relatively recent wake-up call on this front was the to-do over the LinkedIn Intro app that sends all outgoing emails from an Intro subscriber to LinkedIn servers where the email is opened and new html is inserted into the email to convey profile data before delivering the email to the intended recipient. Continue reading

Resize in Seconds

A Case Study

This is a case study from SwaddleDesigns. Their Thanksgiving weekend doorbuster specials generated web-site-busting traffic. Within three minutes of a phone call to HTN, the SwaddleDesigns web server had quadrupled in size, jumping to 32 GB of RAM with 32 CPU cores. The Cirrus account instantly reconfigured to take advantage of the extra RAM and CPU. Without even a quick reboot, the web site came back to life. At the end of Cyber-Monday, SwaddleDesigns downsized their server, and their bill, back to its normal size. Continue reading

High Availability Cluster and Peace of Mind

Seamless Maintenance

datacenter  Last month’s episode ended with: And we always have a spare server standing “just in case.” You might well wonder, just in case what?

 You may have noticed that computer software and hardware are “less than perfect.” Hen’s Teeth Network’s Cirrus and Stratus web hosting accounts run only well-proven software on enterprise grade servers. We proactively monitor, patch, upgrade, or replace any component of our hosting infrastructure which shows the slightest likelihood of failure. Nevertheless, a server will occasionally fail or the operating system running on a server may crash.  Continue reading

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